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Will I be able to update my website myself?
Absolutely! Unless a client request otherwise, all the websites we produce have our own, in-house content management system installed, which will make it easy for you to update most aspects of your website via a simple interface.

We'll provide a hand's on training session as well as video guides for you to look back on, and include basic support with your website's CMS (content management system) in our hosting costs.

We take and retain regular backups of all our websites, so even if you make a mistake that you can't undo, we'll be able to get everything back to how it was.

Will I need to upload my own content?
It's up to you. Our basic packages don't include loading your content, so after your initial training session, you'll have a great reason to jump right in and learn to update your website. It is also a great way to help keep the costs of your website down.

However, we understand this can be over-facing for some, so would be very happy to complete the initial content load for you, and will price this option separately in your quote so that you can decide what is best for you.

Where we load your initial content, all image editing and on-page search engine optimization is also included.
Do you use templates?
No. We design all of our websites from scratch, to your exact needs. It's a point we take great pride in.
Will my website be mobile / tablet compatible?
As standard, we ensure that all the websites we design are tested and work well on a smartphone and tablet. For animations we use functionality like JQuery, which is compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Some customers may need a separate mobile website - for example, a restaurant might want a website that is optimised for mobile phones and contains only the core pages that a user is likely to require if they are browsing on their mobile. This can help ensure that your site is easy to access for customers who are on the move and need a websites that gives them the information quickly, even over a slow mobile connection.

We'd be happy to recommend the best solution for your business, and also to cost alternate options so you can decide what will give you the optimum balance between cost and benefit.
Will my website be responsive?
Responsive designs are intended to resize to fit on different devices (such as tables or smartphones) without the need to design a separate mobile website. 

For most websites it is an ideal solution, and as long as your design requirements aren't too complex, it should have a much lower cost than developing a mobile website, so can give you a quicker return on your investment.

We'd be happy to recommend the best solution for your business.
Will you make sure I rank well in Google?
Ranking well in Google and the other search engines is essential to ensure you get the most out of your investment. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) revolves around two key areas:

1 - On page optimisation
2 - Off page optimisation

On page refers to the things on your own website that you can control - for example, using the right title and including your keywords in the page copy. We will setup your website to meet the best practices for on page optimisation and, if you select to have your site's initial information loaded by us, will optimise if as we load it. If you would prefer to load the website pages yourself, we can either offer a search engine audit once you are complete, or a DIY SEO lesson.

For less competitive or highly targeted terms, on page optimisation might be enough to get you to the first page. For more competitive terms, you'll need off page optimisation as well, which is a more time-consuming, on-going process. This involves raising your sites profile on the internet by a series of factors outside of your site - for example, earning links from respected sites in your field, creating content that people want to link to and building an active social media fan base can all help.

We work with The SEO Barn to provide on-going SEO support to clients who require it, and can include quotes for their work estimate we produce for you.
Will you host my website?
All our websites are hosted on our own, high-specification, dedicated server. We take a full external backup of all data every two hours, as well as a local backup of database data every 30 minutes.

Our server is hosted in a state-of-the-art datacentre and cared for by one of the UK's foremost hosting companies, To find out more about the infrastructure at their datacentre, click here.
How long does the process take?
There are obviously a lot of factors dictating how long it takes to setup a website, but as a guide the following timescales are usually realistic:

Brochure websites - 4 to 6 weeks
E-Commerce websites - 8 to 10 weeks
Bespoke systems - 10 to 16 weeks

We will provide a timeline for the process in your quote, which will include key target dates and be based around joint discussion of the optimum timings for your business.
How much will it cost?
To give you an accurate quote, we'd ideally need to have an informal consultation so we can really get to grips with your needs and expectations. However, as a ball park, you should look to allow:

Brochure sites - from £750
E-Commerce - from £2,500
Web Systems - impossible to guess - we've created small systems for a specific task from as little as £500 - but have also produced large scale corporate solutions costing over £20,000

An informal chat will allow us to give you a rough idea, and to arrange a suitable time to discuss a more thorough specification - call us now on 01548 312222.
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